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A Man who once had a soul but now only has a hole

This is a page of poems i wrote. Ever poem was inspired by life in some way. Some of these poems are from when i was in 5th grade. I have poems from 5th grade till present on here but i won't tell when they were wrote so figure it out......ha ha

When you sit and dwell your existence
do you wonder why you live
do you ask if you can die
do you always try to hide what you feel inside
or do you live to give
die inside
and feel unreal
what's left when you've given it all
where do you go when you've been enclosed by walls
isn't there something more to life
something beautiful and no sacrifice
you live to lie,as time passes by
until your life was the lie , when it's time to die
when you look back and realized everything has passed you by
when  all you thought you had
has gone and turned bad
what do you do when nothing is left
if your heart is gone and your soul is sore
the only thing left is for them to put me 6 feet under the floor.


life is a big riddle
and i am a violinist without a fiddle
i have a whole heart
yet it has a hole
a place in my heart no one can reach
you found a way into my soul
and the scar you left widened the hole
ashley you are my love
god sent from the heaven's above
i wish i could figure you out
you say you love me but it doesn't show
hurt was all i had in life till i met you
you showed my heart the love i had inside
the feelings i was taught to hide
when we were apart we were close
but now we are together and falling apart
i just wanted you to open up to me
let me know what your about
not leaving my heart filled with doubt
i love you, do you love me
god is the only one who knows if we were meant to be


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