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Kayla Coots
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Close Friends
Jorge Land
Amanda Burns
A dedication to all my friends
Hey guys this is the page for all of you. I hope you like they way i did it. If you don't like the way i did it or just have some comments about it email me.


Song :"Epiphany" by Staind
I am nothing more than a little boy inside
That cries out for attention
though I always try to hide
'Cause I talk to you like children,
Though I don't know how I feel
But I know I'll do the right thing
If the right thing is revealed
Description: corey is my best friend. i have known him since i was 10. 
He is a 5'5 (with shoes). He plays a guitar and is extremely funny. 

Character: Tifa from final fantasy VII

Song: Rascal Flatts  "These Days"
I wake up and tear drops
They fall down like rain
I put on that old song we danced to and then
I head off to my job
Guess not much has changed
Punch the clock
Head for home
Check the phone, just incase
Go to bed
Dream of you
That's what I'm doing these days

Description: She is about 5'1. She is 18.  She has blue eyes and long brown hair. She has a beautiful smile and a really great personality.


Song: 3 door down "when i'm gone"
There's another world inside of me
That you may never see
There're secrets in this life
That I can't hide
Somewhere in this darkness
There's a light that I can't find
Maybe it's too far away...
Maybe I'm just blind...

Description: Boo is a bright anmd beautiful person. She is kinda short (right around 5ish foot tall). she has a big heart and a good mind. She will always be there for a friend no matter what the need.


Song: 3 Doors Down " Here Without You "
I'm here without you baby
But you're still on my lonely mind
I think about you baby
And i dream about you all the time
I'm here without you baby
But you're still with me in my dreams
And tonight it's only you and me

Description: Amanda is a very special girl. She has the biggest heart of anyone i know. She is very intelligent, but even better than that she is drop dead gorgeous. She has a body that is so hott and a personality to match it.

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